The Mono Box is a collaborative, not-for-profit arts organisation co-founded by movement director Polly Bennett and actor Joan Iyiola in 2013. The company offers actors and theatre-makers affordable and continual training, writing and performing opportunities, rehearsal space to make new work, and a unique play collection of over 3,500 plays, donated entirely by industry professionals. Over the past six years The Mono Box has become a go-to resource for those looking for alternative routes of training, those searching for a like-minded working community upon graduating and those looking to enhance their skills as they navigate their way through the industry. The Mono Box is a vital company existing to create a tribe and empower the artist. 

Hampstead Theatre is thrilled that The Mono Box is one of our Associate Companies. With their commitment to ongoing responsive training and support, Co-Founders Polly Bennett and Joan Iyiola, are excited to solidify The Mono Box’s role as a vital network for emerging British artists and make this wonderful building a home for our community.

We also regularly engage some of the country’s best-loved actors on in conversation on Hampstead's Main Stage at Speech Share Live - public recordings of The Mono Box’s podcast where actors discuss their careers and perform a favourite monologue. 


Please check back to this page for more information about booking for The Mono Box's events at Hampstead Theatre. | Instagram: the_mono_box | Twitter: TheMonoBox | Facebook: /TheMonoBox


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