What are cookies?

When you visit, we use a feature of your Internet browser called ‘cookies’. 

This feature places a small text file (a ‘cookie’) onto your device and tell us if you’ve visited our website before.  This allows us to tailor content you see based on this information.  Cookies also provide functionality so that we can help you navigate the website, use the online shopping basket and ensure the speed, security and effectiveness of the website. 

We never use cookies to collect sensitive information or pay sales commission. 

The cookies we use breakdown into the following categories: 

Strictly Necessary cookies 

These cookies are essential for ensuring the page is displayed to you properly, navigate the website and return to pages you have previously visited.  Once you’ve left our website, these are deleted automatically. 

Performance cookies

These cookies provide aggregated and anonymised data from your visit to our website to help us make improvements to our website and understand the customer journey to improve our website’s performance.  You cannot be identified from these cookies.  We use Google Analytics to analyse this data. 

If you want to opt out of Google Analytics across all websites you can do so here:

Functionality cookies

These cookies make your visit to our website more convenient by, for example, remembering your user name or email address (but, for security reasons, never your password).  It allows us to tailor and personalise the website by remembering your name and preferences. 

Functionality cookies remain on your hard drive until you delete them, although if you do so you will have to re-enter your information on each visit.  If you choose not to allow these cookies at all, we will be unable to perform certain functions such as sell you a ticket. 

Targeting cookies

Targeting cookies allow third parties to target information to you based on your browsing habits through advertising.  Your data is important to us, so we do not use targeting cookies on our website. 


Third party cookies

Some third party cookies are used on our website to provide functionality and performance information.  Third party cookies we currently use include: 

LiveChat – this services use cookies that allow you to live chat with us when using the website.  You must indicate separate and specific consent to use the LiveChat service. 

Google Analytics – this service uses cookies to help us improve site performance and notes anonymised information including all cookies placed by Google over the last 6 months, how many mouse clicks you’ve made on that screen (or touches if on a touch device), the CSS information for that page, the date, your browser version and plug-ins and your browser’s language. 

Tessitura – this is our online booking service provider and cookies are used to sell tickets, remember your preferences and track items in your online shopping basket. 

Facebook – we use the Facebook Pixel on our site which enables us to track users (anonymously) if they click on one of our Facebook ads which tells us how people are engaging with our content on our website.

Some cookies may be set by engaging with embedded media on our site, such as YouTube or clicking to share with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Find out more about each company’s privacy policy using the links below:

Facebook - Privacy Policy 

Twitter - Privacy Policy 

YouTube - Privacy Policy 

Spotify – Privacy Policy 

Instagram – Privacy Policy 

If you want to change your browser’s cookie settings

You can do this via the settings page of your browser.  Some common browsers are listed below with links to pages explaining how to adjust your browser cookie settings: 


Safari < >

Safari (iOS) < >

Internet Explorer 

Microsoft Edge