The Mystae: What the audience thinks

Posted on 26 February 2014.

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The Mystae: What the audience thinks

‘Wow! #TheMystae by Nick Whitby, directed by Tim Caroll. Stunning… Brilliant work, all’ @stephenfry

‘Really recommend #TheMystae. Wonderful non-pretentious but thought provoking play beautifully performed on a stunning set.’ @TheatreAnimal

‘The Mystae by Nick Whitby is a lovingly poetic, carefully crafted, beautifully acted, sincere take on a coming of age story… highly atmospheric, with the best design work I’ve seen downstairs at Hampstead Theatre, expertly blending all the elements’ @MathRussell

‘Amazing script, talented cast, beautiful set, fantastic production. Loved it!’ @ColetteCavanagh

‘#TheMystae is brilliant. Go and see this play. It’s intense and detailed from start to finish!!!’ @niallpxx

‘Saw the brilliant play The Mystae yesterday. Excellent cast, great set, perfect bite-sized intimate theatre.’ @angie_wallis

‘‘The Mystae’ was so refreshingly brilliant. Cast were wonderful together and the script was beautiful’ @itsalexalaur

‘Coolest set you’ll see this year, and interesting musings on young adulthood, ritual and, well, drug freakouts’ @mkmswain

‘Utterly brilliant and so funny. Congratulations to all invlolved.’ @e_c_hill78

‘Absolutely loved #TheMystae last night. Hilarious, intimate and just wanted to splash about in the water. Go see, go see!’ @SamHardie_

‘I loved #themystae last night. For only £10, it was certainly an hour and a half well spent.’ @AbiRoseDavies

‘Just saw #theMystae at Hamps_Theatre. Pretty fantastic, in my opinion.’ @nanah96

‘First time at the theatre seeing #TheMystae Incredible set and great performances’ @officiallyfinch

‘Downstairs Hamps_Theatre you’ll find a cave and a great little play. Fun, playful and delightfully Cornish’ @Themissingrep

‘v effective set, drawing audience right into the cave on stage. Emotional tensions play out well. Crazy and tender’ @AngelaKanter

‘The Mystae at Hampstead Theatre is a play that literally takes you into another world. Go see it if you can, only £10!’ @MissKikeB

‘Just seen #themystae at Hampstead Theatre and it’s a must see. Nuff said.’ @abdoulie_mboob

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