Page to Stage Festival announced

Posted on 6 February 2015.

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Page to Stage Festival announced

What do Ronni Ancona, Ian Bostridge, Fiona Bruce, Nica Burns, Sheila Hancock, Anthony Horowitz, Celia Imrie, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Lynda La Plante, Mark Lawson, Kathy Lette, Tim McInnerny, Kate Mosse, Paul O’Grady, Joe Penhall, Justine Picardie, Tim Pigott-Smith, Libby Purves, Jessica Raine, Nina Raine, Dame Janet Suzman, Meera Syal, David Walliams and Sylvia Young all have in common?

They are all deeply involved in the fascinating, exciting, infuriating, extraordinary process of taking words from the page to performance, and they, and many more, are appearing in person at Hampstead Theatre’s Page to Stage Drama and Literary Festival 27 – 29 March 2015.

In over 30 events, the journey from a writer producing a play, novel, script or poem to its incarnation as a performance, whether play, ballet, opera, film, TV show or circus event will be discussed by an extraordinary collection of the people that make it work.

All tickets are £12 per event (£10 for concessions) or take advantage of our multi-ticket offer and book 4 events or more and get of them for 1 free, 6 events or more and get 2 of them for free or 8 events or more and get 3 of them for free. Your free events will automatically apply at checkout.

Friday 27 March

Dramatising Fact: Strike! (10.30am – 11.30am, Main Stage)

How to adapt an event which defined our generation – with Mark Baldwin, Fiona Bruce, Gavin Higgins and Beth Steel

The 1984 Miners’ Strike was an explosive period of political turmoil and social fracture in Britain, the effects of which still reverberate today. Whether interpreted as a ballet, or reconstructed as a play, the challenges of representing this political rupture in different artistic disciplines are explored by this illuminating panel chaired by Fiona Bruce.

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From Page to Opera (12pm – 1pm, Main Stage)

An insight into the world of Opera with Gus Christie, Kathy Lette, Penny Smith and Will Todd

Chaired by Penny Smith, talk turns to Will Todd’s work as a modern composer, Kathy Lette’s perception of the metamorphosis of her novel into the operatic form, and Gus Christie’s criteria when selecting works for Glyndebourne’s new season. This light-hearted conversation between experienced figures will illustrate how opera, both classical and contemporary, is inspired, written, commissioned, developed and finally received by the audience.

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Directing Your Own Written Work (1.15pm – 2.15pm, Downstairs)

What is it like to direct your own written work on stage or screen? With Kate Mosse, Nina Raine and Dame Janet Suzman

Too close or not close enough? This is the complex scenario artists encounter when making the leap across the different disciplines of writing and directing. Renowned author Kate Mosse chairs this lively, dynamic conversation between writers, actors and directors, exploring the difficulties of maintaining objectivity when directing incredibly personal work.

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A Conversation with David Walliams (2.30pm – 3.10pm and 4.30pm – 5.30pm, Main Stage)

Come and immerse yourself into The World of Walliams. Listen to David Walliams read from his number one best-selling children’s books get the chance to have your questions answered in a Q&A session.

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The Voices In My Head (2.45pm – 3.45pm, Downstairs)

How do you feel when your work takes on a voice of its own? With Raffaella Barker, Justine Picardie and Polly Samson

Authors Polly Samson and Raffaella Barker enter into a thought-provoking dialogue with Justine Picardie, engaging with the process required to channel a character’s voice from the depth of the mind into written matter. This absorbing conversation considers the emotional journey an author undertakes when their work is adapted for radio, stage, audiobook or TV format. How does it feel when other voices commandeer their words, and what if that other voice is nothing like the one in their head..?

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Saturday 28 March

Play Writing Workshop (10.30am – 12.30pm, Scene Dock)

Channel the muse in a scriptwriting workshop with Greg Mosse

This workshop provides each participant with an opportunity to ‘channel the muse’. Held in the backstage scene dock, this workshop offers the chance to gain an exclusive insight into parts of the theatre curtained off to the public and invaluable opportunity visit the heart of Hampstead Theatre. You will leave the session with an enriched skill set and a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of what it truly means to write for the theatre.

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Schtick Sisters (11am – 12.30pm, Main Stage)

A celebration of women in comedy with Ronni Acona, Nica Burns, Kathy Lette and Meera Syal

Chairing this colourful, vibrant celebration of successful women in comedy is Kathy Lette, joined in conversation by the fierce and funny Ronni Ancona, Nica Burns and Meera Syal. These brilliant individuals will reflect on the inclusion of women in the world of humour, whilst considering the Page to Stage process for females when writing comedy for any discipline. Is the production and reception of such pieces different for women compared to men?

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On Air (11.15am – 12.15pm, Downstairs)

What it means to write for radio with Clive Brill, Kate Mosse, Penny Smith and Shelagh Stephenson

On air, but with her ear to the ground, Penny Smith steers this discussion of what it means for a play or book to be turned into a TV or radio series. A discerning and provocative view on the process of having work adapted for the radio is offered by the highly successful and delightfully witty Kate Mosse and Shelagh Stephenson. Clive Brill joins the conversation to provide an individualistic and intriguing account of what his role as a Radio Director constitutes, and the technical steps involved in casting an evocative radio play ensemble.

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Casting: How to Achieve That Perfect Line-Up (12.45pm – 1.45pm, Downstairs)

An insight into when a project has been given the green light and a casting director joins the project – with Rebecca Blond, Nickolas Grace and Susie Parriss

One of the major stepping stones to producing any performance is the casting, and none know it better than Nickolas Grace, Susie Parriss and Rebecca Blond. This fascinating panel is practiced in juggling financial limitations, artistic visions, and the overlapping interests of casting directors, actors and agents. An exploration of what it takes to make a project both prosperous and profitable, these unsung members of the theatre community reveal the compromises and commitments you never knew they had to make to achieve that perfect line-up.

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Page Turning Workshop (1pm – 3pm, Scene Dock)

A creative writing workshop – with Raffaella Barker

Raffaella Barker offers an opportunity to delve into the world of fiction writing. Each participant will be given the rare chance to develop character, voice, plot, theme and narrative structure with an experienced writer and creative writing tutor. Delve around in pesky plot holes and take that next step towards publication.

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Feather Boy: Blue Peter to BAFTA (2.45pm – 3.45pm, Rehearsal Room)

Feather Boy: the inside story of best-loved novel and film – with Nicky Singer

Using extracts from both the award-winning novel and the BAFTA winning BBC film, Nicky Singer tells the inside story of Feather Boy, navigating the process of having one’s much loved novel made into a movie. From the controversial topic of the censorship of children’s entertainment to the practicalities of filming in a celebrity’s house, this engaging event is not to be missed.

Suitable for audiences over 10 years of age.

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Creative Writing Tool Kit (4pm – 5.15pm, Rehearsal Room)

Creative writing workshop for young storytellers – with Nicky Singer

Award-winning author Nicky Singer shares her ‘tool kit’ for writing. Through playful and engaging topics (what does a dead body really feel like?), Nicky covers all aspects of writing, from point-of-view to story arcs. A fun and informative session, this is ideal for aspiring young storytellers.

Suitable for children over 7 years of age.

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Every Picture Tells A Story (6pm – 7pm, Rehearsal Room)

An illustrating workshop for budding young artists – with Marcia Williams

Ever wondered what it is like to be a cartoonist and an illustrator? Ever thought Shakespeare plays would be fun as a comic strip, or Dickens reimagined as a graphic novel? Join Marcia for an interactive workshop and draw your own cartoon strips based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and watch old works take on new forms.

Suitable for children over 7 years of age.

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Sunday 29 March

Be Part of the Drama! (10.45am – 11.45am and 12.15pm – 1.15pm, Rehearsal Room)

A drama workshop for young actors – with Bryn Williams

This engaging drama class is suitable for young performers of all abilities – whether total beginner or seasoned school-play lead! Challenge your imagination and develop your performing skills, work on your actor’s voice, stage technique and improvisation in this lively workshop.

10.45am – 11.45am workshop is suitable for children over 7 years of age

12.15pm – 1.15pm workshop is suitable for children over 10 years of age

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Thriller: Exploring the Genre (11am – 12pm, Main Stage)

Exploring the thriller genre – with Lynda La Plante and Mark Lawson

Renowned thriller writer Lynda La Plante accompanies friend and comrade Mark Lawson in examining the evolution of the thriller from the concept for a novel to an electrifying television series. With her psychologically gripping characters, high body counts and the inevitable messy cleanup, Lynda is at the forefront of the television genre, interweaving the macabre with contemporary scriptwriting.

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Creating the Illusion (11.15am – 12.15pm, Downstairs)

An exploration into the design aspects of the theatre with Miriam Buether, Paul Groothuis and Michael Howells

Do it right and nobody will know you’re there: the pressure of a brushstroke, a specific stitch in a fabric, or the way in which a musical note hangs suspended in silence – all are invaluable building blocks aiding the completion of a refined illusion. This industrious and expressive panel considers the process a creative team undertakes when producing for the theatre and interpreting a script. How do they decide what is placed in the audience’s eyes and for what reason? How do costume, light, sound and design all combine for maximum artistic impact?

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Page Turning Workshop (11.30am – 1.30pm, Scene Dock)

A creative writing workshop – with Raffaella Barker

Raffaella Barker offers an opportunity to delve into the world of fiction writing. Each person is given the rare chance to develop character, voice, plot, theme and narrative structure with an experienced writer and creative writing tutor. Cut to the quick of pesky plot holes and take that next step towards publication.

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Making Sunny Afternoon (12.30pm – 1.30pm, Main Stage)

An insight into the minds behind the hit Kinks musical Sunny Afternoon – with Edward Hall, Kate Mosse and Joe Penhall

With a panel composed of the leading minds that first brought this Hampstead hit musical to life, the mystifying Page to Stage process of producing a groundbreaking new musical is explored. Threading throughout the discussion is what was historically and artistically at stake in crafting this phenomenon, and what steps were required to translate Ray Davies’s intensely interesting life into such a resonant performance that’s currently one of the best selling West End shows in town.

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The World is my Oyster (12.45pm – 1.45pm, Downstairs)

The process of producing and orchestrating the most wonderful Giffords Circus and Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012 – with Nell Gifford, Helena Kennedy and Paulette Randall

British culture would not be what it is today without these two icons and their artistic and organisational feats. Featuring the brilliant Nell Gifford, founder of Britain’s favourite, Giffords Circus, and the extremely talented Paulette Randall, Associate Director of the 2012 Olympics opening games ceremony, in conversation with Helena Kennedy, this session discusses the logistics and the nitty gritty of developing outrageously ambitious projects from visualisation to realisation. These are the creatively driven people who live by the motto ‘Anything is Possible’.

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When The Story Sings: A Taste of Musical Theatre (1.45pm – 2.45pm and 3pm – 4pm, Rehearsal Room)

Take a trip to the Rehearsal Room of Hampstead Theatre, and discover the techniques behind musical theatre – with Wendy Gadian

What is the motive for a song in musical theatre? To shuffle the script to the next scene? Or to add atmosphere and depth, emotion and energy? Using Kjarton Poskitt’s side-splitting muscial Henry the Tudor Dude as the basis for this fantastically fun workshop, come along and join us for a period of Tudor musicality. Learn lyrics, sing songs and most of all lose your head laughing!

1.15pm workshop is suitable for children over 7 years of age.

3pm workshop is suitable for children over 10 years of age.

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White House Words (2pm – 3pm, Main Stage)

A panel discussion between political giants – with Doris Kearns Goodwin, Richard Goodwin, Robert McCrum and Edward Hall

Doris Kearns Goodwin and Richard Goodwin, two extremely influential and iconic individuals who have changed the face of American politics, take to the stage to discuss their impact within the White House, on screen and in print. Robert McCrum and Edward Hall join Dick and Doris to help elucidate the Page to Stage process of writing words for the living and for the dead and why Shakespeare’s rhetoric resonates in politics today.

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Is This The End of the Word? (2.15pm – 3.15pm, Downstairs)

An exploration of the afterlife of a written work – with Rose Cobbe, James Hogan, Dennis Kelly and Will Mortimer

Hampstead Theatre’s Literary Manager Will Mortimer joins agent extraordinaire Rose Cobbe and esteemed writer Dennis Kelly and publisher James Hogan in considering the role of the person who puts pen to page, and what precisely happens after a work is released into the wide world of publication. The expertise of the panel converge on the moulding of a project and the afterlife once the last line is spoken and the curtain falls following that first burst of publicity.

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Play Writing Workshop (3.15pm – 5.15pm, Scene Dock)

Channel the muse in a scriptwriting workshop with Greg Mosse

This adult workshop provides each and every individual with an in house opportunity to ‘channel the muse’. Held in the backstage scene dock, this workshop offers the chance to gain an exclusive insight into parts of the theatre curtained off to the public and invaluable opportunity visit the heart of Hampstead Theatre. You will leave the session with an enriched skill set and a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of what it truly means to write for the theatre.

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A Conversation with Ian Bostridge (3.30pm – 4.30pm, Main Stage)

The Page to Stage process of a leading opera singer – with Ian Bostridge

Hampstead Theatre welcomes master of page and stage, Ian Bostridge. Recognized both as an acclaimed scholar and one of the greatest opera and Lieder singers of our era, Ian delves into the realms of the oral and the written word. Ian discusses the open dialogue between text and performance, exploring how the two media interact to evolve and sustain an artistic work.

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Stanza (3.45pm – 4.45pm, Downstairs)

Is poetry the intimate work of self-reflection or is it meant to be projected from a stage? – with Tim McInnerny, Jessica Raine, Gemma Rogers and Tim Pigott Smith

A fantastic opportunity to hear poetry read by some of the leading actors and poets of our time. A celebration of this medium of the spoken word.

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From Paper to Puppet (4.30pm – 5.30pm and 5.45pm – 6.45pm, Rehearsal Room)

Join us for this exciting introduction to puppetry from a professional puppeteer, exclusively designed for the Hampstead Theatre Page to Stage Festival – with Matthew Forbes

Make your way to the Rehearsal Room, and explore the rehearsal style and methods used during the National Theatre’s smash hit War Horse. No previous experience is necessary to attend this fabulous session, and you will leave with a clear insight into the art of Puppetry and Object Manipulation. Come prepared to get involved – comfy and suitable clothing is a must! Bring a bottle of water, a friendly smile and be ready to play!

4.30pm workshop is suitable for ages 7+

5.45pm workshop is suitable for ages 10+

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Icons (5pm – 6pm, Main Stage)

Dealing with iconic figures – the fictional and the real – with Anthony Horowitz and Kate Mosse

Anthony Horowitz is an iconic figure of teenage fiction, having changed the genre forever with the spy series Alex Rider. Anthony’s most recent work has only extended his influential reach through time and age to two British icons: James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. Joined by Kate Mosse, Anthony exposes the joys and difficulties of engaging with best-loved characters and shares his experiences of writing for page and stage.

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A Conversation with Sheila Hancock (5.15pm – 6.15pm, Downstairs)

A conversation with Sheila Hancock on her outstanding transition from stage to page – with Sheila Hancock and Richard Digby Day

Returning to Hampstead Theatre, following the sell-out hit The Last of the Duchess, distinguished actress and author Sheila Hancock discusses her award-studded career and experiences of writing from a theatrical perspective. How do these experiences shape her style? How has acting refined her poetical mindset? Join us for this exclusive event and meet one of Britain’s most-loved characters.

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The Big Picture (6.30pm – 7.30pm, Main Stage)

How does a work evolve from thousands of words into a single picture? An insight into the process of adapting a novel for the screen – with William Boyd, Edward Hall, Hilary Bevan Jones and Kate Mosse

Is it possible to re-create a voice as distinctive as William Boyd’s Restless? Director Edward Hall and producer Hilary Bevan Jones engage with the author himself, navigating the challenges of taking a treasured literary work to the screen. Chaired by author Kate Mosse, the panel will discuss the sacrifices made to translate a work across artistic platforms and what compromises are made to shape the bigger picture.

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Playing with Shakespeare: A Practical Workshop (7pm – 8pm, Rehearsal Room)

A practical workshop for ages 14+, taking place in the Rehearsal Room of Hampstead Theatre – with Chris Myles and Simon Scardifield

Shakespeare’s work in an accessible and exciting workshop, which explores the meaning behind the Bard’s silvery language and discovers the subtle intricacies of his compelling characters. Join us to gain an invaluable insight into theatre at its finest, with two incredibly experienced actors who are passionate about making Shakespeare fun for modern audiences. You do not need to be trained in acting or have previously studied this topic at school, so come along and join us for this incredible opportunity!

Suitable for young adults aged 14-18.

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A Conversation with Paul O’Grady (8pm – 9pm, Main Stage)

A celebration of the Paul O’Grady’s contribution to British society and culture – with Paul O’Grady and Celia Imrie

Where to begin with Paul O’Grady? As writer, actor, presenter, personality, comedian, producer, author and broadcaster, Paul has won a variety of awards, among them honorary degrees an an MBE for services to entertainment. Join us for this exceptional opportunity to explore the mind of an accomplished and talented man and his colourful career.

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