Posted on 20 March 2018.

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'Sharon D Clarke stars in this fantastic revival of Tony Kushner‘s strange opera-musical set in Civil Rights-era Louisiana.'

'Tony Kushner’s semi-autobiographical opera picks over his childhood memories, exploring the injustices that he, a spoilt, sad eight-year-old, was half blind to.'

'Jeanine Tesori’s score is a rich, tumbling, complex thing: blues, church music, klesmer, opera, and motown sounds all cycle through it, get pushed to the front or provide a low hum in the background.'

'Sharon D Clarke’s mesmerising performance as Caroline is the still point your eye’s always drawn to. She’s sullen as a kind of resistance to her surroundings, performing an obedience to her employers that strains every part of her body and gives a grim tremble to her voice.'

'Michael Longhurst has proved he can ‘do’ musicals with a stunningly good Amadeus at the National Theatre. Transferring from Chichester Festival... it sounds astonishing, and Kushner’s writing achieves something rare: it points to hope, while issuing a reminder that what looks like change can be just going round in so many circles.'

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