INSPIRE Writers’ Showcase Their Work

Posted on 1 March 2023.

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INSPIRE Writers’ Showcase Their Work

Over the next three-weeks Hampstead Theatre will be showcasing work by the eleven playwrights who have been part of INSPIRE over the last year.

Inspire is Hampstead’s year-long programme for playwrights to write a full-length play under the mentorship of the award-winning playwright, Roy Williams and with support from the team at Hampstead.

From now until 15 March 2023 INSPIRE writers’ plays will be given a rehearsed reading to an invited audience of industry representatives, friends and family. The plays and writers are:


Radiant Boy by Nancy Netherwood 

Woven by Dexter Flanders 

Gorb by Sarah Power 

Take Me to Church by Mary Clapp

The Amateurs by Nic McQuillan 

John from Hemel by Sid Sagar 

Ask Her If She Still Keeps All Her Kings in the Back Row by Martha Watson Allpress 

Unremembered by Jessica Norman 

I'm Grown* by Nicola May-Taylor 

Green Walls* by Magdalene Bird 

Strawberry Flavoured Gummy Sertraline by Patrick Swain 


The INSPIRE showcase is a chance to see and hear the plays the writers have been working on and the readings will be directed by Hampstead Theatre's Resident Directors: Jennifer Davis, Sam Edmunds and Marlie Haco.


INSPIRE is made possible through the kind donations of our supporters – Rodney and Zmira Hornstein, the Garrick Charitable Trust, the Noël Coward Foundation, Fenton Arts Trust and the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation. More about the INSPIRE programme can be found here.


From left to right: Jen Davis (Director) Shannon Hayes (Actor), Sarah Power (Writer), Norah Lopez Holden (Actor), Paul Keating (Actor), Rhianna Biggs (Producer) 

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