Say It With Flowers: What the audience thinks

Posted on 23 April 2013.

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Say It With Flowers: What the audience thinks

‘It may frequently bamboozle me but i bloody love how Katie Mitchell’s mind works – Say it with Flowers Hamps_Theatre is just remarkable’ @OughtToBeClowns

‘#sayitwithflowers Hamps_Theatre was charming, funny and thought-provoking. And utterly bonkers, naturally.’ @kdwignall

‘Say It With Flowers Hamps_Theatre is extraordinary.’ @SleeveNotes

‘We are more than slightly in love with “Say it With Flowers” Hamps_Theatre SO joyous. Then sad. Then joyous. Then sad. So so sad.’ @GreyscaleTC

‘Say it with flowers Hamps_Theatre made my heid hurty in the most wonderful way. Mitchell is awesome.’ @LorneCampbellNS

‘Slick, surreal slice of Gertrude Stein’s writing with #SayItWithFlowers Hamps_Theatre – excellent performers, design, direction & doors!’ @ARBONAUTS

‘Say it With Flowers Hamps_Theatre is triumphantly Gertrude Stein. Wacky, mesmerising and very funny – a Magritte thesaurus dance. Lovely.’ @Jeremort

‘Mind melting play last night Hamps_Theatre Pretty standard from Katie Mitchell. Gonna be thinking about it all week. #SayItWithFlowers’ @NickJCheesman

‘Cannot recommend this enough’ @MatthewParker75

‘Just saw Say it with flowers Hamps_Theatre. An amazingly different and rewarding production!’ @laracapulet

‘Say It With Flowers Hamps_Theatre strange and enjoyable and very worthwhile. Very Katie Mitchell.’ @SharonKeanPR

‘Say It With Flowers Hamps_Theatre so confident, precise and exciting. That ever-enticing endeavour of translating experimental modernism.’ @phil_bartlett

‘Hamps_Theatre Katie Mitchell is brilliant. Say It With Flowers is beguiling. Want to go again.’ @hethjohnsony

‘#SaItWithFlowers Hamps_Theatre – masterclass in directing and acting.’ @ToTheMoonUK

‘Blown away by the textual dexterity and frenetic energy of #sayitwithflowers at Hamps_Theatre. Not to be missed! ‘ @JasonHewlitt123

‘Say It With Flowers Katy Mitchell/Gertrude Stein Hamps_Theatre is baffling and wonderful’ @dorameade

‘Wish the press would come to Say It With Flowers! Very interesting. Courageous, too.’ Zina Rohan on facebook

‘Brilliant performance tonight of Katie Mitchell’s #SayItWithFlowers at Hamps_Theatre, go see it whilst you can!’ @Emma_Chiplin

‘Say it With Flowers Hamps_Theatre was sublime. Stein’s writing really came to life thanks to the brilliant performances of the ensemble.’ @michaelj_g

‘At 10 o’clock yesterday evening, I left Hamps_Theatre under the conviction that I’d just witnessed an instance of genius. #SayItWithFlowers’ @IgorMemic

‘Artists don’t have to be direct about what they want to say with their work. This play is a good example of that. I saw it today and all I could say was “it’s a Guggenheim museum on stage”. Go and discover yourself in a new and interesting way.’ Masha Shishkina on facebook

‘Intrigued by the poetic madness of Gertrude Stein’s work in Katie Mitchell’s Say it With Flowers Hamps_Theatre.’ @Yvonne_Sampson

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS is a fascinating show, not like anything else youll see in town, you won’t recognise the Hamps_Theatre, amazing design.’ @TALLAgent

‘I went to see #SayItWithFlowers tonight at Hamps_Theatre – it was cracking good stuff – go and see it while you can…’ @momentsoundblur

‘Loved Mitchell’s bonkers ‘Say It With Flowers’ Hamps_Theatre. Bonkers seems to be the buzzword. Bonkers and beautiful.’ @iambruceadams

‘Katie Mitchell’s #SayItWithFlowers Hamps_Theatre,enthralling, brilliantly executed, Woody Allen on Gertrude Stein’ @misssfitt

‘Katie Mitchell’s “Say It With Flowers” Hamps_Theatre is a joyous, adrenaline shot of absurdist theatre and we loved it. Go see. Such joy.’ @DogOrangeLtd

‘Or go downstairs Hamps_Theatre for Katie Mitchell’s Say It With Flowers Challenging, bamboozling, hypnotically great’ @OughtToBeClowns

‘Intriguing night Hamps_Theatre watching “Say It With Flowers” Totally insane promenade theatre – pop down & get your brain melted!’ @BennettFox

‘#SayItWithFlowers Hamps_Theatre- seriously impressive interaction of design and action. Very unusual and slightly bonkers!#promenadecanwork’ @Boy_Who_Cried

‘Brilliant show tonight Hamps_Theatre #SayItWithFlowers …A promenade with 3 rooms and 3 pieces… interesting :)’ @LucyAveryWrites

‘#SayItWithFlowers Hamps_Theatre Totally bonkers… But totally brilliant. I really enjoyed it.’ @William_Bowden_

‘#SayItWithFlowers Hamps_Theatre is a bold and brave departure from the usual Downstairs fare. I’m still thinking it over today.’ @MathewTweet

‘#SayitwithFlowers Hamps_Theatre directed by Katie Mitchell did not let me down! A Very inventive piece of immersive theatre just for £5!’ @Amy_Wicks_

‘“Say It With Flowers” at Hampstead Theatre is great if your looking for a new type of theatre experience’ @ChloeEvansActor

‘#SayItWithFlowers Hamps_Theatre Infuriatingly good, terribly precise, painfully absurd. Quiet agony. Lifelong conundrum: expression/meaning’ @naomi_said

‘#SayItWithFlowers Hamps_Theatre with HarrietTho The best kind of mind-boggling. Katie Mitchell’s sensitive inflections are a hit.’ @AdeleAitchison

‘what a crazy show! Very unique writing and brilliant concept’ @RebeccaBrower

‘#SayItWithFlowers Hamps_Theatre was a wonderful precise experiment in storytelling. Have taken a lot away. Go see.’ @rob_ad

‘Watched #sayitwithflowers satire at the Hampstead. Katie Mitchell, true genius !’ @arunaganeshram

‘Do your self a favour and catch “say it with flowers” at Hamps_Theatre – promenade style piece based on writing of Gertrude Stein’ @Calderbank

‘Astounding night Hamps_Theatre seeing Say It With Flowers. Gertrude Stein’s work developed with excellence for theatrical performance…’ @TREMers_Theatre

‘Hamps_Theatre Thanks for Say It With Flowers. Katie Mitchell mixing Gertrude Stein with influences from Crimp, Beckett ala Edgar Allan Poe?’ @leeredfern

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