Labyrinth: ★★★★ from Daily Mail

Posted on 9 September 2016.

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'I was sat next to playwright Beth Steel’s twin sister at the opening night of her new work about the Latin American financial crisis of the 1980s, and rarely have I seen anyone enjoy themselves so much in a theatre. Happily, her pleasure was well founded.'

'Steel is the author of Wonderland, the Hampstead theatre’s previous hit about the miners’ strike. Once again she wears her research lightly, painting a rogues’ gallery of top-of-the-range spivs in a world of sex, drugs and sub-prime loans.'

'Matt Damon lookalike Sean Delaney, who plays John, is an impressive young actor, allowing other characters — from Martin McDougall’s yoyo-spinning Texan bank president to Joseph Balderrama’s box set of Latin American leaders — to whirl around him.'

'Anna Ledwich’s production enters fully into the carnival spirit... It also sets up a story which is in thrall to these glamorous lowlifes - and provides the author’s sister with a great night out.'


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