The Tyler Sisters: ★★★★ from The Upcoming

Posted on 15 January 2020.

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The Tyler Sisters: ★★★★ from The Upcoming

The Tyler Sisters at Hampstead Theatre


'Three women, three lives, one bond. Alexandra Wood’s new and innovative play takes audiences on the journey of three sisters, exploring the highs and lows of being linked by blood. The play spans forty years and with admirable direction from Abigail Graham we are invited into yearly snapshots of the women’s lives. These snapshots are moments in time; some small, such as changing bedrooms, and some big, such as illness, pregnancy and break-ups. It is this lovely variation that keeps the audience hooked.'

'The set is incredibly intimate; the Hampstead Theatre provides a space that matches the equally encapsulated plot...Graham directs the cast fluidly about the small set without it ever feeling cluttered, with props used interchangeably to match the scenario.'  

'All actresses successfully execute character arcs and show significant development throughout the performance; this is enhanced by subtle costume changes such as the removal of a hair clip or the addition of lipstick.'

'A shared success of all three actors was their sharp delivery of the dry humour written so successfully by Wood...making the surprising moments of humour all the more witty.'  

'Wood and Graham effectively create the feeling of sisterhood through the dialogue and direction. The arguments the sisters have are ones we’ve all had before, and the tactile physical acting is heartwarming and recognisable.'

'This piece is a lighthearted and sharp exploration of the mind-boggling dichotomy of being a sister, and what this role brings. If anyone watching is a sister, they will recognise a lot of themselves in The Tyler Sisters, fighting for those shared and endless desires to be heard, listened to and understood.' 


To read the full review visit The Upcoming online here.

The Tyler Sisters runs Downstairs until 18 January. 


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