Folk’s unsung heroines - Nell Leyshon writes for The Guardian

Posted on 6 January 2022.

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Folk’s unsung heroines - Nell Leyshon writes for The Guardian

Folk’s unsung heroines – the sisters who saved English music

Nell Leyshon, THE Guardian

'My play began in a flash of inspiration, but it would take me 10 years to finish it. At one point I completely discarded it as a failed project, then Hampstead Theatre’s Roxana Silbert inspired me to go back.


Every time I write it is to find out what I think. Sharp raided the villages for the songs on which he built his career, yet he also saved the songs. The play demanded that I find a way to show those two dissonant facts in the same story. I also needed to find a way of showing that I love the place where I was born, without ignoring the complexities of that place and my feelings about it.

As Louie Hooper says in my play: “Everyone loves their country. It’s just the bit of land where we was born, what we first see and smell. It’s the stories, the songs.”'


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Folk runs on the Downstairs until 5 February.





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