A Human Being Died That Night: What the audience thinks

Posted on 28 May 2013.

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A Human Being Died That Night: What the audience thinks

‘A human being died that night. The most powerful, frightening & beautifully performed piece of theatre i have seen this year.’ @hannnahdncn

‘#AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Hamps_Theatre: WOW my head & whole core is full of emotions – So powerful & thought provoking – BRILLIANT! 9/10’ @nikkiiia

‘#AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Hamps_Theatre gripping, searingly intelligent dissection of perpetrators & victims, responsibility & forgiveness’ @mkmswain

‘#AHumanBeingDiedThatNight is an extremely riveting piece of drama. Brilliantly performed. Another must see from Hamps_Theatre @BennettFox

‘Electrifying performance from Matthew Marsh and thought-provoking script by Nicholas Wright #AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Hamps_Theatre’ @mkmswain

‘A phenomenal experience – stunning!’ Diahann Brown on facebook

‘A human being died that night – Hamps_Theatre , absolutely brilliant. Intimate and thought provoking.’ @JaPeWa

‘Held my breath for 80 mins Hamps_Theatre with my moral compass spinning wildly… Matthew Marsh & Noma Dumezweni utterly riveting as they grasp for some truth & reconciliation in #AHumanBeingDiedThatNight’ @helenjerome

‘Just back from Hamps_Theatre A HUMAN BEING DIED THAT NIGHT: humane, saddening theatre. Honest, searching performances, pointed writing’ @filmhead365

‘Unbelievably powerful play “a human being died that night” is on a short run at hampstead theatre. it’s a must see.’ @cavaille

‘Saw #AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Hamps_Theatre last week and was blown by it. Completely engrossing. Go see it.’ @alittleredone

‘‘A human being died that night’ at Hampstead Theatre was just amazing! Haven’t seen that level of acting for a long time! Go and see it!:-)’ @AmelieLeroyActs

‘Spellbinding performances by two fine actors in Hampstead Theatre’s #AHumanBeingDiedThatNight. Don’t miss it!’ @PoblanoTom

‘#AHumanBeingDiedThatNight was incredible! The whole set up by Hamps_Theatre was brilliant truly recommended if you can go see!’ @Barry_Brosnan

‘Saw A Human Being Died That Night at Hamps_Theatre Phenomenal!! Noma Dumezweni and Matthew Marsh were amazing. #mustsee’ @5rugrats

‘#AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Hamps_Theatre was brilliant today!! #goseeit’ @niallpxx

‘#AHumanBeingDiedThatNight A great production! It was thrilling, full of anger and hope. I couldn’t stop crying afterwards’ @jillybeanlin

‘Incredible performances last night in #AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Hamps_Theatre – Great to see some theatre that makes us think!!!’ @Freckles_Casta

‘Hamps_Theatre downstairs never fails to produce exciting new stories – just been blown away by the sublime… A masterclass in storytelling. Matthew Marsh leaves you spellbound as the human but chilling ‘Prime Evil’… but MissDumezweni takes you on a riveting journey of forgiveness and understanding in #AHumanBeingDiedThatNight. Wow. Please go see it..’ @AminaZia1

‘A Human Being Died That Night- the possibility/impossibility of forgiveness for atrocities. Hampstead Theatre, 5 stars’ @Peter_Speyer

‘Just finished seeing #AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Hamps_Theatre just two people on stage with powerful words. Definitely a play for now.’ @IsabelleEmma_

‘Go see #AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Hamps_Theatre. So powerful.’ @greta_gould

‘#AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Exercise for the soul AND excellent performances AND just cost me £5 Thanks Hamps_Theatre’ @Heathertoday

‘A thought-provoking & insigthtful 80 minutes’ @TootingGareth

‘Searingly good drama currently downstairs at the Hampstead Theatre’ @rebexswirsky

‘Matthew Marsh pretty astonishing Hamps_Theatre #AHumanBeing. Effective and insightful theatre.’ @browerkate

‘Gripping, fabulous acting!’ @hedda47

‘Saw the incredibly powerful “A Human Being Died That Night” Hamps_Theatre – riveting. I think I’ll be mulling it over for some time to come’ @jesswoo

‘Profoundly moving, unexpected response to A Human Being Died That Night Hamps_Theatre Brilliant play by Nick Wright’ @JocelynAbbey

‘Haven’t said this yet but ‘A Human Being Died That Night’ is incredibly powerful stuff.’ @kittywithington

‘Everybody everywhere should see it’ @DartonDarton

‘My eyes opened tonight at #ahumanbeingdiedthatnight Hamps_Theatre / go see & learn!!! You will get goosebumps..’ @MaryanneHedges

‘#AHumanBeingDiedThatNight Great job – complex issues dealt with without simplifying. Great performances too- well done all!’ @jmdlondon

‘“A Human Being Died That Night” – Hampstead Theatre // Highly recommended’ @ADandyFellow

‘A Human Being Died That Night: Very Silence of the Lambs, as De Kock himself observes, & blessed with a truly mesmerising turn from Mr Marsh’ @JamesLeLacheur

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