Good People: ★★★★ from The Daily Mail

Posted on 7 March 2014.

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Good People: ★★★★ from The Daily Mail

Good People review
By Quentin Letts, The Daily Mail

Hildegard Bechtler conjures up a doctor’s office, a chi-chi home, a supermarket back-lot, a small apartment and a bingo hall with not much more than a couple of twists of the revolve and some dropped walls.

Miss Staunton, who in looks could almost be twin sister to former Cabinet minister Hazel Blears, is becoming such a familiar figure to British audiences — is she Judi Dench’s successor? She does little shrugs and throws of the head so beautifully that when Margaret is caught in a lie, it is done with artful subtlety.

The bingo scenes ensure a welcome dollop of sentimentality amid all the verbal jousting. With June Watson playing a waspish landlady, and Matthew Barker playing the supermarket manager, the acting is uniformly strong.

Good People has a Good Cast and it is another success for the resurgent Hampstead.

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