Hello/Goodbye: What the audience thinks

Posted on 11 March 2013.

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Hello/Goodbye: What the audience thinks

‘Another incredible show #HelloGoodbye Downstairs Hamps_Theatre which seems impossible to disappoint at the moment. Stellar show after show.’ @flamester

‘Just been to see Hello/Goodbye Hamps_Theatre on a whim. Heart warmingly funny & equally devastating. Crisp, Sharp performances.’ @alexthorpe12

‘Just saw ‘Hello Goodbye,’ at Hamps_Theatre downstairs. Bloody good! Brilliant cast & writing. £5 well spent. Go and see it!’ @AnnabelBaldwin

‘Hello/Goodbye at Hamps_Theatre is bloody brilliant. The scripting, staging and acting are all impeccable. Pleeeaase see it if you can.’ @sickofsecrets

‘Hello/Goodbye downstairs Hamps_Theatre is a hilarious, moving & perfectly executed play. Brilliant new writing, which should defo be seen.’ @KateHudspeth

‘Hamps_Theatre #HelloGoodbye is a great play. Script and direction are so tight. Acting is on top, top form. Go see it people!!! #Theatre’ @LONESOMESCHOOLB

‘Braved the cold to see #HelloGoodbye Hamps_Theatre. Stunning, raw acting- wonderful play.’ @batcat

‘Oo I forgot to say I saw Hello/ Goodbye downstairs Hamps_Theatre last week and enjoyed muchly. Pacey, funny, touching, sweet and charming.’ @brianftang

‘Hugely enjoying #HelloGoodbye Hamps_Theatre. Very funny, energetic and a cracking end to a Monday.’ @SophieBicknell

‘I did NOT see any of that coming. Surprising/lovely twists and turns plus great flawed characters in #HelloGoodbye Hamps_Theatre’ @wyliecatherine

‘Seen great new play Hello/Goodbye by Peter Souter Hamps_Theatre. Entertaining, emotional, real-life comedy. Jo Herbert and Andy Rush superb’ @DodgerZulu

HELLO/GOODBYE at the Hamps_Theatre (Downstairs) is witty, gripping and ultimately heart-breaking.’ @elliotjbrown

‘Thoroughly enjoyed #HelloGoodbye Hamps_Theatre – lots of laugh out loud moments but also very touching in parts. Highly recommended’ @rosie_bannister

REALLY enjoyed #Hello/Goodbye Hamps_Theatre yolandakettle Andy_Rush & co. have a great month!!’ @remmiemilner

‘Absolutely bloody loved #HelloGoodbye Hamps_Theatre congratulations to everyone! Andy_Rush especially wonderful!’ @MaryannOBrien

‘fantastic evening at Hamps_Theatre #hellogoodbye great story must see! on until 30 march’ @harrydotcom

‘Enjoyed #HelloGoodbye Hamps_Theatre last night. Some funny, spiky writing & a portrayal of a relationship that often rang very true.’ @L_Macdougall

‘Thoroughly enjoyed Hello/Goodbye at Hamps_Theatre – recommend you all go buy a ticket before it sells out!’ @theworldofkatie

‘Go see “Hello Goodbye” at the Hampstead theatre. Brilliant’ @JuicyLucNo1

‘Still thinking about #HelloGoodbye – such a great piece of theatre!!!!’ @LONESOMESCHOOLB

‘#HelloGoodbye Hamps_Theatre – funny love story that is sickly sweet in a brilliant way!! 8/10’ @nikkiiia

‘Hamps_Theatre’s Hello/Goodbye is absolutely amazing, didn’t even think I’d like it that much.’ @vivalabeat

‘Really enjoyed my 1st visit Hamps_Theatre last night for the witty and lovely #HelloGoodbye.’ @akchevalier

‘Hamps_Theatre Adored #HelloGoodbye this eve -so well-observed and the pace never faltered.’ @AngelaKanter

‘Really enjoyed Hello/Goodbye Hamps_Theatre . So much fun to watch Andy_Rush do the acting thing again :)’ @Elisa_King_

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