Hampstead Theatre recognises our impact on and responsibility to the environment. As we challenge, influence and shape the future of British theatre, we acknowledge that environmental responsibility is necessary for the continued vitality of theatre – to its existence and strength. We see our role as a cultural institution leading the way in our approach to environmental responsibility.

We aim to move theatre forwards with new ideas, talent and energy to excite our audiences with the lateral, the fresh and the unexpected. We see the possibilities for expressing and developing creativity and originality, as we embed environmental thinking into everything we do.


  • Creating a culture where sustainability is prioritised in decision making and ways of working
  • Promoting a circular economy, where resource use is minimised and waste is eliminated
  • Working towards Net Zero, with ambitious targets across our impacts (Energy, Water, Waste, Travel and Materials)

Our Environmental Policy is a statement of our commitment to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment and is reviewed annually.

We are committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of our activities, in particular those relating to our:

  • Productions e.g. fossil fuel energy consumption, waste generation, use of materials (wood, steel, toxicity of batteries)
  • Building e.g. fossil fuel energy consumption, water consumption, waste generation, supplies and services
  • Operations e.g. travel and commuting, consumption of resources/energy for office equipment, catering waste generation and food carbon footprint, use of resources, business services
  • Materials e.g. monitoring additional impacts relating specifically to productions e.g. production materials (wood, steel), production travel (artist, crew), marketing materials (paper use, printing and publications) etc.; monitoring food waste and serve ware (type and volumes used, returned/reused)

If you ever have questions or suggestions on our green initiatives, you are welcome to send us an email,, or use the hashtag #HTGreen.