Ignorance/Jahiliyyah: What the audience thinks

Posted on 29 November 2012.

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Ignorance/Jahiliyyah: What the audience thinks

‘Just seen one of the best plays of my life – Ignorance by Steve Waters…. Please go and see it!’ @lisaannejenkins

‘Can not urge people to grab tickets enough. Thought provoking and fresh.’ @Louise_Waller

‘Incredible, powerful theatre. Blown away.’ @hannahnewuk

‘A powerful and intelligent piece of writing… WOW!!!!!’ @nikkiiia

‘What a show! and only £10 a ticket. Absolute bargain’ @dlmfarquhar

‘You need to check out #ignorance – strong writing, beautiful performances’ @LaGuterbock

‘See #Ignorance – tense, absorbing, makes you think. Brilliant acting. Don’t miss.’ @JocelynAbbey

‘This was some of the best writing since seeing Jerusalem last year. It was sublime, thought provoking, intelligent and ultimately very powerful. All performances were incredibly impressive, and I really hope this play gets the attention and accolades it deserves’ – Lisa on email

‘Delightful time last night to see Ignorance/Jahiliyyah. Friendly/helpful staff. Thoughtful/important drama.’ @CraigBaxter

‘#Ignorance studies the roots of fundamentalism with thought-provoking lines played adeptly by Scarlett Brookes and Laila Alj’ @AminaZia1

‘Ignorance very powerful, very current in view of recent Middle East activity. Insightful.’ @SharonKeanPR

‘Jude Akuwudike and Daniel Rabin turning in some brilliant performances in Steve Waters’ fascinating IGNORANCE’ @Jeremort

‘Go see #Ignorance! It’s great. Super performances and gripping dialogue.’ @PoleroidTheatre

‘#Ignorance was really good! Didn’t know what it was going to be about originally, but really enjoyed it’ @dreamtoinspire

‘Hampstead Theatre’s ‘Ignorance’ is a brilliant play about Islam/Western relations; should be compulsory for all politicians. Don’t miss it!’ @PoblanoTom

‘Great play – recommended #ignorance’ @RFortnum

‘What a great night. ‘Ignorance’ at the Hampstead Theatre was fantastic. Such strong performances all round’ @JessBayleyActor

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